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Youngmin Oneshot (for aulio123)

Youngmin POV

When did she first catch my eye? Was it the moment she walked into my classroom as the new foreign-exchange student? Was it the first time she came into the cafe where i work and ordered a french vanilla cappuccino? She would come in everyday around the same time and order the same thing. She'd sit in the same spot and read a book or work on her laptop or do homework. It didn't really matter what she was doing though because she was always here. I'd always watch her from afar. She was always alone, never with anyone, working. It must be hard to come to a new school, a new country. Building up my courage, I brought her cappuccino to the table, but instead of just leaving it, I set it on the table and took the seat across from her. She glanced up at me from her laptop. "I was wondering when you'd do something..." She began typing more. I wanted her to keep looking at me with those eyes.
"Um... How do you like Korea so far? You came from America, right?" She looked up again and pushed her hair behind her ear.
"It's nice here... And yes, the United States. Ohio if you know where that is." She picked up her drink and blew on it. "The people here aren't as..." she contemplated what adjective to use, "obnoxious. I'd wanted to come to Seoul for a long time anyways."
"Really?" She nodded and took a sip of her cappuccino.
"I first got into KPOP a few years ago, but then began looking into the culture. Since then I've wanted to come here, so I jumped at the chance to foreign-exchange." And again, she set her drink down and began typing. Am i not interesting enough? I cleared my throat.
"I'm intrigued... How do you manage to come in here so consistently? You must have other things to do right?" My eyes widened a bit and I covered my mouth, realizing just how rude I must've sounded. Youngmin, you pabo... She saw my sudden actions and giggled.
"You're ok." The typing stopped. "It's nice to have that one place you can always go to get things done, right? I guess I just picked this cafe... You could say that I schedule everything else in my life around coming here." She smiled at herself. "So..." She set her elbows on the table, entwined her fingers, and rested her chin in the "net" you could say. "It's my turn to ask you some questions, hmm?" She raised an eyebrow at me and all I could do was nod. Usually girls are flustered when I talk to them, but this girl is calm and collected. "Why are you working here in this cafe? You have a twin brother, Kwangmin, right? And from what I've seen you come from a nice, steady family..."
"Mmm... Yes, you're right. I guess I like making the coffee. Being able to make someone smile with something I've made is a good feeling. And the atmosphere here is always pleasant; it's a good place to come if you're stressed." She nodded as I said this. There was a slight awkward silence as we sat looking at each other and then *tap tap tap tap* More typing. "Uh, if I may... What are you typing so intently?"
"You really wanna know?" she asked without looking up. I nodded. She chuckled and looked at me. "It's an email to my friend back home. She wanted to know about my new school and life in Seoul generally."
"Ah... I see..."
"Oh! But also..." She smiled at me. "I can't forget to tell her about this boy I've met." I felt a sudden sharp pain in my side... It's weird since I've only just met her, but i can't help it.
"Is that so?" I asked knowing my voice sounded a bit off. She gave a slight nod.
"Yes... He's kind and sweet, funny and caring..." With each word the pain reached deeper in my gut. I looked down at the table to try and hide the pained expression i figured was plastered on my face. "He has blonde hair and works in a cafe; he has a wonderful personality and can really make you feel welcome in a new place." My head shot up at these words. I looked at her unable to say anything. She laughed. "Do you know who I'm talking about yet?" She raised an eyebrow.
"I think so..." I smiled. "So let's say this guy wants to get to know you better..."
"Well he knows where I'll be everyday... And he knows what drink to bring." We both laughed this time. "Oh, by the way, I never formally introduced myself..."
"It's ok. I remember when the teacher introduced you-" She shook her head and held out her hand for me to shake.
"I'm from the US and I love cats. I hate the cold and i play the flute. My name's Rachel."

i know... it's not very long, but i think it turned out well. i tryed to make it pretty realistic. wow, i haven't posted here in awhile! anyways: Love ya, Rachel~


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Jun. 23rd, 2011 03:14 pm (UTC)
Jun. 23rd, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
i know... you'd totally be freaking, but then it wouldn't have turned out as well :)
Jun. 23rd, 2011 09:13 pm (UTC)
This is true. lolololol. I like fic version of myself. :p
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